Thursday, November 22


I know its 22 days too late, however, I did want to share with you my halloween 2012!

On the actual day of halloween, a Wednesday, I didn't actually do anything apart from go to a university open day, but the night before I slept over at my friends house and we did do some traditional pumpkin carving!
Also, my art teacher came to college dressed as a grave stone.. classic!

On the weekend before halloween, my friend had a bit of a halloween party at home where we took her little brother and 5 of his little friends trick or treating, which was complete mayhem! At the first house, they all ran up to the door banging on the window and after about 5 minutes when nobody answered they all decided to run back down the drive but in the process knock over a big plant/ornament thing and knock stones everywhere, but because they are 5, do they care? No. At the next house they repeated the breaking-down-door method, to which a woman answered requesting them to sing, so they did and then consequently woke up her baby and started complaining.. it was clearly her fault but hey hoe. They also received a potato instead of sweets, which was quite wierd. But here we go.. we didn't exactly make the biggest effort..

But on halloween weekend, one of my friends decided to have a house party with one rule "you must be dressed up, or you're not coming in" and to be fair 99% of the people there made a decent effort. And not just the typical devil and cat type of effort, I mean full of scary clown, dead disney characters and anything else dead that you can think of. It was a really good night apart from the fact we waited for a taxi to pick us up to take us to actual party for 40 minutes! So we didn't actually arrive until about 10pm but that was okay. Aside from all the drama that house parties bring, it was a really good night and good to see people I don't get to see very often!
These are a few of the really attractive pictures from the night.. (I'm a cavegirl!)


Hope you had a good halloween too!!


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    1. thankyou, you can just click the "follow this page" button on the left side of the page :) x

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  4. Haha I love Halloween - late is fine! Looks like so much fun :)

    Lela - http://www.LelaLondon.com

  5. looks like so much fun! I love your cavegirl outfit as well!:)x