Friday, January 25

Suprise Delivery

So, I have finally finished my exams for January and am now studying for the summer exams! I am so happy I've done them all and they've all gone pretty well, I think, but I don't want to get my hopes up - just in case!

Anyway, mid exams I had a lovely parcel arrive at my house and since I hadn't ordered anything, wondered what it was. When I opened it, there were 5 Collection2000 items that I had no clue where they'd come from but it did have my name and address on the front so they had definitely come to the right house. I was really happy and very confused but everyone loves a freebie!! My friend then pointed out that this brand had been at the Clothes Show Live and we came to the conclusion that I must have won a competition! Happy Days!

The only thing I have actually used out of this package up to know is the mascara and although looks great at first, after a couple of hours, I looked like I had been punched in both eyes. It left dark circles under my eyes after about an hour or two and the wand is very thick so is quite hard to apply on my eyes, maybe this is due to the fact they are small but I still think it would be pretty big on others too. When first applied, however, it leaves your lashes looking thick and dark but doesn't them look particularly long, which I personally like - I think it would work best as a base mascara. Although I don't think this brand is very expensive, I still wouldn't recommend buying one of these due to the fact it doesn't last nearly long enough - unless you're into the panda look..

Although I haven't actually tried these nail varnishes out on top of each other, I have previously tried the BarryM version of this and I loved it but ran out quite a while ago so I was very pleased about receiving this. I have worn the pink colour yet, but the crackle varnish lasted about a week on my nails when I applied that with a top coat on too. I think this is around the same price as the BarryM one and I did prefer the other one but I did still like this.

I am yet to try this as the whole palette is sparkly and wouldn't be appropriate for a casual day at college, however, I do like all the colours that came in it but its a pity it didn't come in time for new years eve as this would be perfect for any party. I'll look forward to using it.
The last thing I got was a pink lip gloss, but I'm not really a fan of gloss as my hair is pretty long and just gets stuck in it - very annoying - I'm more of a lipstick kind of person. So, I'll probably not get much use out of this item but it's always good to have, just in case!

Let me know if any of you have tried this brand and what you think of them!

My Month In Pictures: December

Friday, January 18

Exam Season

Hi Everyone!
I know it's late, once again, but hope everyone had a lovely christmas and new year!

I also know I've been off the blogging scene for quite a while now due to being really busy at college and christmas etc..
For the past 3 weeks I have been revising non stop as I've had a grand total of 7 exams, I have done 6 up to now and have my last one on Tuesday. So, once that is over, I'll be free to blog as much as I want and I have a few posts in mind!

If anyone else has had exams, I hope they've gone well too!
Fingers Crossed

Friday, December 14

Just a quick update

I finally got a conditional offer from Leeds University, along with my friend Ashley who also has it as her first choice! I got so excited that i ridiculously ran around the art department like a freak and started shouting down the phone to my mum! I am SO happy!

I have also had interview invitations from two others and I have to do a mini project for another!