Tuesday, November 20

Miracle Worker

As I am in my second year of sixth form, I am doing my third unit of my Art A-Level along with all my other work. But, I actually don't mind doing my artwork, although there's a lot of it, I enjoy it so it's all good! This unit, my theme is stereotypes and how people are judged on the clothes they wear, how much make-up they have on or how they talk so I have been looking at the typically known stereotypes amongst teenagers - emo, chav, hipster etc. I have also been looking at atypical situations, for example, a child pushing a pram, a child smoking, an old woman with a tattoo sleeve etc.
When I first started at sixth form, I was an absolutely horrific drawer/painter, however, my art teacher must be a miracle worker as I'm getting better and producing work that I can actually be proud of - hence this post.
My art teacher is one of the best teachers, ever. She puts up with so much moaning and alot of marking sketchbooks, but still takes the time out to help you and improve your work - which required a lot of patient for my drawing skills !

These are a few of my recent pieces..

Let me know what you think!


  1. Your art work is amazing!
    Don't get yourself down about things.
    I was once told by my art teacher that if you can draw a circle, square and a triangle you can draw, which everyone can.
    Chin up, these drawings are brilliant.

    shauni x


  2. your art is beautiful! i wish i had your talent