Sunday, November 25

Snap Splash

To anyone who is from England or is quite familiar with the country, you have all probably heard of a place called Centre Parcs?
(If not, you should check it out!)

Well, earlier this year, May to be exact, I went to the Nottingham park with one of my friends (Tessa) and her family. We went for a long weekend to celebrate our 17th birthdays - hers is a week before mine - and it just so happened to be one of the sunniest, hottest weekends of the year. Talk about luck!

It was such a great weekend, we went on a pedalo in the blazing sunshine (we were pretty rubbish o say the least), there was beach volleyball, bowling, pubs etc but one thing we loved the most was the fact we had free reign over the swimming pool and could go in whenever we liked. It had one of the  best waterslides ever,called the Rapids, where you just climbed up and the water whizzed you the whole way round! It so good we went on about 12,000 times! Anyway, while we were there we bought an underwater camera and I recently got it developed so i thought I would share some of the results..

It's safe to say who the photographer is out of the two of us (me) as all the ones I took are pretty decent, even if i do say so myself, and well the others are ... er... well, just have a look...


  1. Ah I love centre parcs, I haven't been in years though! You look like you had a great time :)


  2. Fun! I wish I could have gone to the clothes show, I love anything clothes related! You look like you had fun! I haven't swam or anything like that in ages!