Wednesday, September 19

Who'd O' Though It..

So as everybody knows, fashion changes over time and people have different tastes and like to style their outfits in their own way - that's what creates your individuality. However, some of the clothing and accessories that are on trend now, would definitely have been frowned upon last season - I mean, wedged trainers? Really?

In my opinion, I would never appreciate a pair of wedge trainers, but each to their own. Last season, the vast majority were sporting ditsy florals and pretty lace, all very 'English' - which I loved, but this year is like we have hit a parallel universe where everything has turned so dark and grungy! I must admit I am a huge fan of the over sized knit, especially around this time of year (who doesn't enjoy being cosy!), but shoes that make you look like you're styling out a pair of moon boots make me feel like the line has been crossed. I think this proves how in this day in age, so many people conform to what they are being told from more powerful figures, as I don't believe wearing everything three sizes too big would be seen as flattering if Robert Verino hadn't shown it at London Fashion Week. What happened to the feminine hourglass? It all seems very depressing - all blacks, greys and dark reds, just because the weather is getting darker doesn't mean your clothes do too.

Some may call this shabbychic, I call it ugly.
See you next season when its acceptable to wear a Mickey Mouse outfit to the shops.



  1. Your blog is so cute, I love your writing! Keep it up! (I found you trough Louise, sprinkleofglitter, by the way...)
    X Rose

  2. aw thankyou! ill check your blog out now :)
    and ohh! i love her haha! x