Tuesday, September 18

Do It.

Last night, I read a blog post about just saying 'yes' to things you would usually be scared of doing and in my creative writing session we were shown different extracts from a film about a teenage boy building up the strength to disguard his barriers and perform his poetry in front of his class. Also, a couple of weeks ago a girl had posted a video onto her Youtube account about her past, how she used to be shy and her advice on how to overcome it.
I am one of those people who constantly tells myself that I really want to do something but then back down because of my fear of embarrassment. This then really annoys me and I constantly beat myself up about it because I am always telling people that they should just do things but can't seem to take my own advice.
However, subconciously I think I have been thinking about all these things as I unexpectedly found myself speaking up and backing my own opinion in one of my classes today - where we were debating about different topics. This time last week I would never have done that and the feeling of accomplishment is huge - however pathetic that may sound! I think these things have made me realise that nothing bad is actually going to happen to you if something goes wrong. Yes you might get embarrassed but who cares, the people in your class or workplace aren't going to remember or bother after a couple of hours!

So, I just wanted to pass on the message, of say yes - I promise you won't die!
(Unless it's walking in front of a moving car - say no to that!)


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