Wednesday, October 24

Piercin' ell

Monday was the first day of half term, well my half term. For some silly reason my sixth form's half term is the week before all my other friends' half terms so that's quite annoying but I suppose it's a good thing seen as though I need to get revising for my January exams.

But good news, two of my best friends were off on Monday.
So, on Sunday, at work, Emma came up with the bright idea of getting her ear pierced (I think it's called a helix - don't quote me) and as she drives, thought it would be good to go on Monday as we're all off and could hold her hand. Bearing in mind that Emma faints at the sight of a needle and it is very common for her to cry and vommit when needles are even just brought up in conversation, we knew the day was going to be interesting.
However, to mine and Tessa's disappointment (I know we're lovely friends) she was completely fine! It took her about 20 minutes to psyc herself up into getting it done - I mean, voluntarily asking someone to stab you in the ear is understandably a tricky one - but we finally went in and it was over in a suprising 5 minutes! The woman was lovely and kept calling everyone 'hun' and did a good job of reassuring Emma that is was going to hurt but it would be quick. And it was.
Although my hand is now broken...

Not a brilliant photo, but you get the idea.
I honestly think it looks really good, although I wouldn't have one done -
1. because I'm a tight arse and won't pay for it
2. because I'm a massive wuss!

So well done to Emma for being a big girl ;)
Then, as a reward we then took the necessary trip to N A N D O S.

Whilst in Manchester, we found an old vintage shop which was one of the coolest shops I've ever been into, and as Emma's car has a casette player she bought some for us to listen to on the way home. We chose: The Rolling Stones, S Club 7, Bewitched and a chilled out various artists one. Consequently, we got a little be giddy on the way home blowing out some shapes, and thought it would be funny to take a picture at every set of traffic lights we stopped at, here are the results.

So, now you all know how much of a bunch of wierdos me and my friends are, feel free to follow (not that I know how to do that, if you know please tell me) and share my blog.
Ta x

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