Friday, October 19


I must be on the ball this week, four posts in one week! That's a first!

Anyway, the word 'hipster' has been hovering around over the past couple of months - yet another label - and tends to relate the way a person styles themselves. Amongst this trend are the 'galaxy' shirts and dip dyed everything. So, this week me and my friend Emma decided to take a trip to Hobby Craft and buy some fabric dye and purchase some cheap t-shirts from Primark. All together it only cost £11 which is very cheap to say I've come away with three new t-shirts.

This was suprisingly easy, but did take some time as we were waiting for the fabric to dry etc. However, all you have to do is mix your dye potion, take your shirt and simply place your shirt into the dye as far up as you would like it to come and leave it for 15 minutes. After that leave it to dry (which takes some time). We decided we wanted to use two colours, so once they had dried, leaving them quite damp, we made our next colour dye and repeated the process and left to dry.
The down side of this is that we didn't start doing this until 7 and they still weren't dry at 10 when I went home so I had to take it when it was wet so it has run abit and looks abit wierd, but we'll see what it looks like after being washed.

This was also very simple, but I was so happy with the result of this! All you have to do is take your shirt, put a piece of cardboard inside so the bleach doesn't go through to the back, then put the bleach into a spray bottle and just go for it! Simple as peas.

                                                  Me                                                    Emma
Again, very simple, all you need to do it choose your shirt and your design then simply draw on your design on the back of the shirt and cut away! This does take a while also, so if you haven't got any patience I don't think this is for you! I chose to cut out a heart and Emma chose to do a skull. With mine I think I would do the heart a bit smaller and put the strings all through the heart instead of just one side, but I still quite like it.


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  2. Aw thankyou! I'll have a look now!
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  3. completely obsessed with anything tie-dye! you did a good job there! :)

  4. Love the DIY