Monday, October 15

Nottingham Trent University

Saturday was what felt like one of the longest days of my life - not in a bad way - but long.
After waking up at 6am to get dressed, me, my mum and dad set off at 7am to go to the Nottingham Trent University open day. It took around 2 hours to get there, then we had to get a tram into the university campus - which were pretty impressive actually!

As far as first impressions go, I was impressed by the university. I loved the old fashioned architecture and the feeling of a close knit community, but I was so disappointed with the course! As it was potentially my first choice of university, my expectations were pretty high, as well as the fact I had Leeds to compare it too. The tutor came across as arrogant and didn't do a very good job of selling the course to us. He didn't have answers to questions which he should, especially seen as though he'd been the head of the subject for 17 years or something of a long time anyway. Also, to say it was the art building that we were being shown around, it wasn't inspirational at all - white walls and no evidence of past pupils work. They must be so proud.

As a happy ending to my day in Nottingham, I did like it as a city. It wasn't huge but had all the popular high street names you would expect but again, I did prefer Leeds. However, we did end up in a cute little Greek tapas restaurant up a side street which put me in a better mood! I would definitely go there again - although I can't remember the name - oops!

Then, after travelling home for 2 hours, I went to one of my friend's 18th birthday party and it was probably one of the best parties I've been too! Then I didn't get home until 2, so consequently was nearly awak for 24 hours - which is pretty hard going!

Overall, it was a good day and I'm so glad I went to look at the university or I could have ended up going there and regretting it big time! Moral of the story - always check out a university you are planning on going to!


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