Thursday, October 18


The world has become obsessed with the idea of what is 'right' and conforming to what is seen as 'perfect'.

People may say they don't, but at some point they will have doubted themselves at the fear of being judged. This could be seen as being a bit hypocritical, seen as though I want to work with (or run my own) fashion magazine but it does mainly happen in fashion and beauty - due to the magazines that are published. But this isn't about how skinny you have to be or what sexuality you choose but just the general fear of being judged by the people in your life who shouldn't.

I've spoken to my 3 closest friends about the situation and they all say that a fact that doesn't bother me but bothers other people shouldn't stop me from doing something that would make me happy. When you really like something/someone, other people's opinions shouldn't affect whether or not you're friends or more with them because otherwise you'll live on to constantly think 'what if' and for everyone to agree with you and like the person you are would be impossible and very boring. I know, myself, that I shouldn't let anything stop me doing something that I want to do but there was always something stopping me - until recently. For the past week all I have been thinking about is this one situation and I have told myself that if it doesn't bother me then I shouldn't let the fact it might bother other people and that people would have something to say worry me. I know at least 3 people would spark up their unwanted opinion and the slight doubt still scares me because my worst nightmare is being the centre of attention. However, over the week, different little things have happened and people have said things without knowing my situation that make me think, no one actually does cares, so why should I?

I really hope it works out after all this doubt, and me finally letting go of the worries. But even if it doesn't I think it's kind of made me into a better person and showed me that I shouldn't judge other people's choices.

So we'll see what the next couple of weeks bring. Fingers crossed.


  1. I like this post :) I bet so many people can relate to this feeling as well as me xx