Friday, September 28

The Leeds Life

I haven't had chance to blog in a while but I am back.
As I previously mentioned I am in my final year of sixth form, so I am looking at different universities to inspect.
On Wednesday it was the Leeds College of Art open day and I have to say I LOVED IT!
Me and two of my friends from my art class decided to get the train to Leeds - which was suprisingly cheap (£9 return) and just over an hour away - as soon as we stepped off the train, all three of us were very excited!
The first thing I noticed was that all the universities in Leeds were very close to each other - Leeds Met, University of Leeds and then the Leeds College of Art. I didn't expect them all to be so close to each other, but was pleasantly suprised as consequently the student unions cross over which means meeting even more new people! Also, one of my friends said she was thinking of going to one of the other institutions, so we would be able to still see meet up and see each other more often than would be expected!
The college from the outside looked very old fashioned, built from large sandy stones and a mosaic sign was positioned above the door, but as we entered it looked very modern and contemporary. The student ambassadors greeted us and seemed very friendly, however when one of them gave us a tour of the campus, they didn't sell it to me very well and I did feel a little disappointed but stayed optimistic.
We then went for a talk about the actual college and found out Leigh Francis (Keith Lemon) actually used to study there - so who knows what state my brain will be in if I graduate from there! However, it wasn't until I went to the talk about the actual course (photography) that I got really excited about the college. The tutor seemed very laid back and came across as friendly and helpful. He presented some of the previous students' work, and I was so impressed! He told us how one of his students really struggled in his first year, but in his second, found his feet within fashion photography and consequently his work ended up in Harvey Nichols and Urban Outfitters! We were then shown around the photography department, where they informed us that they have £300,000 worth of equipment (BLIMEY O RILEY!), including digital cameras, film cameras, dark rooms, colour processor, black and white processors, pinhole cameras and loads more!
We then went into Leeds city centre - well if I hadn't have explored the shopping scene, it could end up a bit messy (I have a serious addiction!). We found lots of little cute shops aswell as high street names and designer boutiques, so something for everyone - whether you're on a the student budget or didn't eat for 3 weeks so you could buy a new pair of shoes!

So, overall I thought it was great and is definitely a high flying contender!
I'm SO excited to go to university after that.
If you're planning on studying or have already studied photography at university and have any suggestions for places to go, I would love to know!
Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Haul coming soon.

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