Thursday, December 13

Clothes Show Live - UPDATE

Friday was the day we went to Clothes Show Live, and as usual it didn't disappoint! My friend drove a very sunny journey - dangerously sunny - and we arrived at about 11:30am, loaded with our fashion heads on and a packed lunch, what more could you want..

As usual we browsed and took mental notes of the things we liked and then after looking around for a couple of hours went back and bought the things we really wanted. The first year we went I made the very annoying mistake of buying a skirt without trying it on first, as there are no changing rooms about, and then when I got home hated it but obviously couldnt take it back so unfortunately lost money - which doesn't lie comfortably with me. Well, I've only made that mistake once, hence the strategic approach!

I went with 3 items in my head which I really wanted and knew if I saw them I would probably buy them if priced right. These were an oversized boyfriend coat in black, heeled boots and disco pants in black. I did successfully hunt these down and got them for what I think bargains compared to high street prices!

- Black boyfriend coat in black, has faux fur around he collar, 2 black buttons and deep pockets (just what I wanted) which was on the "as seen in ASOS & Topshop" stall/area thing. I got it for £35 but should have been £60 on the high street, which I was prepared to pay so this was a great buy on my behalf.

- Black, faux leather heeled boots. I am horrendous at walking in heels and last about 1 hour before I pull out my trusty flats, so when my friend bought some of these I really wanted some because she said they were really comfortable. She paid £35 but said she'd seen some in Topshop for £70 (abit pricey) so when I found these ones for £20 I was so happy. They have a 5" cuban heel (approx.) making them super compfy and also dressy but not over dressy so they are perfect for going out on a night out or just a family meal.

- Finally, I have wanted some black disco pants for ages but wasn't prepared to splash £70 out in American Apperal, but thought they must have some at the Clothes Show and was prepared to pay a maximum of £30 if they felt like a good quality! I found some for £20 and I love them so much! They are fairly thick and good quality, I wore them on Monday night, dancing around and they survived that so they must be good!! They are suprisingly comfy, though very tight (wear the right underwear) and I feel really nice in them.

- I also picked up some Henry Holland underwear, which is priced £18 per pair online but I got for £4 per pair which was good. I got a Model's Own goody bag with 3 nail varnishes and some makeup bits and bobs in.

We also met the models from this years Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, they are so ridiculously tall! I mean I'm 5ft 7" and I look small stood next to them!

Overall, the day was really good, as usual! The show was amazing, with Grace Woodward and Henry Holland presenting and an appearance from Daisy Lowe (she looks really different in real life). Also, Jade - the winner of BINTM last year - walked in the show, she is so pretty! It was even better because we'd won it, SO LUCKY!

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Here are our outfits of the day..

Emily (me)

Coat - Clothes Show Live (listed above)
Dress - Topshop
Necklace - Primark
Black Boots - Topshop
Bag (though you can't really see) - Topshop

Dress - Primark
Cardigan - Hand down
Boots - prettylittlethings.com
Snood - Matalan
Bag - Next


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