Thursday, October 11

Bubblegum Bitch

Apologies! I did want to blog sooner - yet again - but my laptop decided to have a virus for the past week so it was out of use! However, it has been to the computer hospital and is thankfully fixed without me losing anything!

Anyway, last May I had my 17th birthday and from one of my friends I got tickets to go and see Marina & The Diamonds!

Last Saturday (6th October) was the day we'd been waiting for and I have to say she was A M A Z I N G! I honestly didn't expect her to be as good live as she was. She has a very operatic voice, she sounds so good!
She also looked beautiful, people say perfect doesn't exist but she comes pretty close! She has such a nice figure and lovely big eyes, her style is very 60s - wearing multiple pastel coloured midi length pencil skirts and matching bralets, then finishing in a baby pink prom dress.

As for me, I wore an black and white aztec print midi length bodycon dress, black ankle boots and as I knew we would be queing outside in the cold for quite a while (an hour to be exact0, I wore a black jumper over the top. As for jewellry, I wore gold heart earrings, my everyday gold rings and my 'E' gold necklace.

Overall, I had a brilliant night with 3 friends I don't see as often as I wouLd(,ioe-(cathCmup and having a laugh. woud$ recommend Marina as she was awesome too.

Thankyou for a brilliant birthday present!!


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